the advantages of digital radiography

A correct diagnosis, carried out by means of a radiological examination, allows your dentist to identify early and treat any oral pathologies in a timely manner.

This is only possible if the X-ray image is high quality. In the past, a film was used for radiographs, and to see the result of the examination it was necessary to wait for development through chemical substances. Furthermore, in the event of an unsatisfactory result, it was necessary to repeat the examination by subjecting the patient to X-ray exposure again.

At ODONTORAY we adopt state of the art systems and technologies: the image is acquired, transmitted to the computer and reproduced on the screen in real time, with clear and precise details.

At ODONTORAY we are constantly engaged in improving the quality level of services and performances, to respond quickly and effectively to all requests from patients and professionals. The center periodically undergoes image quality and efficiency checks. In order to inform patients about the characteristics of examinations and equipment, appropriate documentation is available in the waiting room.

“We want to guarantee the highest quality and efficiency”