Diagnostic radiology in dental
maxillofacial and otorine fields

quality and comfort

Odontoray is exclusively oriented towards the private sector, and uniquely devoted to the patient’s reception and comfort, which far exceed similar facilities.

The center

Odontoray, a dentistry radiology center, came about from the innovative idea of performing diagnostic dental imaging services in a comfortable and quiet facility.

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Our state of the art diagnostic equipment performs tests of exceptional quality, with minimal radiation dose and exposure time.

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“We aim for maximum care for the patient’s health,
thanks to significant dose reduction and minimal exposure time”

digital radiology

Odontoray was created by professionals for professionals in the dental, otolaryngology and maxillofacial fields, with the aim of facilitating and supporting the specialist’s work.


A wide selection of tests, the use of advanced technologies and specific software ensure high diagnostic value.

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Radiological examinations of the highest quality level with the lowest radiation dose possible, for important health protection in a comfortable and refined environment.

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“In downtown Rome, one of the most advanced centers for digital dental radiology”