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Scanora 3d Odontoray Radiografia digitale

Scanora 3D

Three-dimensional digital multifunctional radiology system for integral images of the dento-maxillo-facial region and dedicated panoramic views.
CBCT Cone Beam*

  • Excellent and high precision image quality. Images are acquired in high definition for detailed evaluations or in standard definition for routine work.
  • Low radiation dose to the patient.

The 3D images clearly show dental anatomy and bone structure, and enable the visualization of the soft tissues of the entire maxillofacial region.

The operating software is based on a very sophisticated algebraic volumetric reconstruction, ART, which improves image quality, eliminating the problems deriving from the presence of artefacts such as: fillings, implants, bridges, crowns, or the patient’s movements during acquisition.

* CT cone beam has become more and more important in treatment planning and diagnosis.

This technology is increasingly being used in implantology, and in particular in computer assisted implantology techniques, but also in other dentistry fields, such as endodontics and orthodontics.

Cranex D Odontoray Radiografia digitale

Cranex D

CRANEX D is a digital orthopantomograph with direct image acquisition through CCD sensor.

Examinations that can be performed with this equipment include:

  • adults in normal projection (standard view);
  • children’s examinations performed with reduced exposure and consequent dose reduction;
  • the possibility to acquire images of 1 to 5 sections of the upper and lower arches for visualization of the interested region only.

A self-monitoring system keeps the radiographic tension constant.
Automatic compensation system for the cervical area.
The patented patient centering system makes it possible to move forward or backward the tomography system VPC (patented). The automatic enlargement system of the tomographic layer allows the increase of the tomographic depth by 50% and therefore the area of focus at the level of the incisors.

Automatic exposure meter for both the OPT and Cephalometric Teleradiograph mode.

Dose delivery detection. Triple light beam for correct patient positioning.

Miniray Odontoray Radiografia digitale


Intra-oral radiological unitis a reliable system thanks to superior image quality and the validity of diagnostic results.

The high frequency and constant potential generator enhance the image quality and are not affected by voltage variations in the power supply line. Compared to the AC generators, the constant potential technology allows to generate more energized and harder radiations, reducing the soft ones.

MINIRAY is compatible with all digital radiovideography systems based on IP sensors technology (e.g. DIGORA) or CCD.

MINIRAY is equipped with an articulated arm that allows the head of the device to be kept in position during exposure. The practical handle of the exposure head allows its quick and easy single-handed maneuvering.

Digora Odontoray Radiografia digitale


DIGORA OPTIME UV represents the latest evolution in the field of digital phosphor imaging. With the UV model, SOREDEX introduces further improvements in the already excellent performance of the Digora Optime system.

In this new model, the technical characteristics inherent to image quality are further improved: 14.3 pairs of lines per millimeter, combined with the high dynamic range, guarantee precise, sharp images of high diagnostic value.

The new DIGORA OPTIME UV system introduces new automatic image optimization functions, capable of guaranteeing radiographs perfectly calibrated on the gray scale.

This innovative system, patented by Soredex, allows 99.9% decontamination of digital phosphor plates during the reading phase. Viruses and bacteria such as HIV, hepatitis, herpes and many others are eradicated by the new OPTICLEAN system, guaranteeing high levels of safety for both patients and, above all, the staff, who ismore frequently exposed to cross-contamination. The system, through a particular technique, patented and certified by accredited university bodies, uses ultraviolet light to decontaminate the entire surface of the plate, returning it safe and perfectly decontaminated after reading.

In the DIGORA OPTIME UV system,the plates are secured with plate covers and safety protections to ensure optimal control and prevention of cross-contamination between platelets, the reader and external protections.

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